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Lagori …..

Played this one a lot … The fun part was nt trying to get the stones up , but  was actually hitting the opponent as hard as possible with the ball … BTW , According to Wikipedia seems this game has been originated in Karnataka (

Lagori in action

Called saat-pathar (seven stones), pittu and several other names, Lagori is the most complex popular children’s game in India, and is rather like Dodgeball, but more aggressive.

A pile of 7 stones is arranged in the center of the court. The defending team has its players taking turns attempting to knock down the pile with a tennis ball, from a throwing crease line.

While there are variations, the version I played had each person getting three chances. If you knock down the pile, but somebody in the opposing team catches the ball, your entire team is out and play switches sides. But if you knock it down and they don’t catch it, then the real game begins.

saat-pathar (seven stones), pittu and several other names

The defending team, which brought down the pile now goes about trying to stack it back up, while the attacking team attempts to hit the rebuilders with the tennis ball.

The dynamic isvery weird, as the rebuilders dart around near the scattered pile, trying to rebuild, and repeatedly scattering as the opposing team takes shots at them. Both attackers and rebuilders tend to coordinate in emergent ways.

There are no formal leaders. If the rebuilders manage to restack all 7, they win. If the attackers manage to hit every one of the rebuilders with the tennis ball before the restacking is complete, they win. Then they get their turn at attempting creative destruction.

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